About Us


I started in the HVAC business about 4-5 years ago. Dan Callaway and Gary Murphy brought me in and taught me everything I know. As I am still learning and progressing I love what I do and take pride in my work. Here at NVH we always do quality work.


My name is David Maxwell. I am an accomplished machinist for 30 years and have worked in HVAC for 2 years. I enjoy the outdoors, camping and fishing. I am a proud parent to one daughter and two sons. The best part of my job is working with two of my best friends. My favorite charity is Saint Jude’s Hospital. I am also an Alumni of AmeriCorps.


I worked in the construction trade most of my life. I was offered a job in the HVAC industry in the arly 1980’s and enjoyed the work so much that I stuck with it. January 1997, me and Gary Murphy opened North Valley Heating & Air. Over the years, we have gained the trust of our customers and have kept them and much more!


I have worked with North Valley Heating and Air Inc. As a secretary for 5 months now, but my father owns the business so i have been around nvh my whole life. We alway put are customers first. We always do our best work.


North Valley Heating & Air started on January 23, 1997. We wanted to offer quality work at a fair price. We have always used quality products and don’t take short cuts. We use all metal fittings in our duct work, not fiberglass boxes like the larger companies. We do the job right the first time and give discounts to seniors and veterans!