air conditionerDuring the winter, most people are not thinking about their air conditioners. If homeowners are in contact with an HVAC company, it’s most likely for heating issues and not so much AC installation or AC repair. But it’s important that homeowners stay on top of their maintenance for their air conditioners throughout the winter, even if they’re not being used.

Improper installation of HVAC units can end up decreasing your home’s energy efficiency by 30%. So it’s essential that homeowners not only have these units properly installed, but also keep up with regular maintenance to avoid serious issues that could impact the rest of your house. Here are a few unwanted things that can happen to your air conditioner over the winter.

Growth and Vegetation

During the cold months it doesn’t take too much neglect for this unwanted growth to occur on your AC units. Even the smallest seed that falls into your unit can quickly grow and suffocate your ducts once you turn it on. This can cause serious problems once the long winter is over and you finally decide to turn on the AC again. No one wants to worry about repairing their AC units during the summer, so it’s best to get everything done during the winter. If you have an outdoor unit, take a look at your AC and make sure it doesn’t have any plants, mold, or signs of debris inside before using it. If there are full-grown weeds present, contact a professional.


Animals and pests are always looking for a place to keep warm during the cold season. Because AC units are rarely ever turned on once it’s cold outside, they act as warm safe havens for rodents and insects of all kinds. You don’t want any critters residing in any of your appliances, so make sure you regularly check your unit to avoid this kind of problem.

Pollen Buildup

After all the pollen falls during the spring, your AC unit will be completely covered on the inside and outside with gunk that can end up clogging the unit for months on end. Too much buildup can ruin your AC’s duct work and cause problems once it’s warmer out. If this occurs, have an experienced HVAC professional come and take a look at your unit.

If you run into any problems with your HVAC system, contact North Valley Heating and Air today for any and all HVAC assistance this winter.